Expertise and learning

The experts available through the Athlete Friendly Network can help athletes develop a range of valuable skills and knowledge to enhance their capability to succeed.


Media and communications

Effectively managing your public profile on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs or websites is important. Learn the tools and strategies that can work for you.

Leadership training

Leadership covers many aspects of performance from personal responsibility to leading a campaign. Gain an understanding of how this can positively impact your ability to achieve your goals.

Relationship management

Athletes manage multiple relationships, both professional and personal throughout their careers. Upskilling in the art of negotiating, dealing with conflict or managing challenging situations can be beneficial to outcomes.

Time management

Everyone has the same amount of time in the day. How you use your time is what differentiates you from your competition. Better strategies for managing your time and energy can make the difference.


The value of ongoing and structured learning is a key principle of the Athlete Life Programme.  There is no limit to the range of expertise on offer, and the network will look to build expertise in any field of benefit to athletes.

Partner directory

Partner directory: explore our searchable database of Network businesses and organisations.