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Key Contact
Fiona Fenwick, Director
Contact details
(021) 725 779
Support Areas
EXPERTISE, Media and Communication, Athlete Management, General Expertise

The Offer: 

fifteenminutes is investing in the future of New Zealand sport by offering HPSNZ carded athletes a 50% discount off their personal communications programme.  The use of Prime Ministers Scholarship funding is possible depending on carding level, available funds and sport approval.

The programme covers:

  • Building a successful professional network
  • Developing a personal brand to assist with potential sponsorship and relationship building
  • Presentation skills
  • Using social media for successful engagement
  • Media management skills

This series of sessions will be done via Skype to provide maximum flexibility and enable athletes throughout New Zealand to benefit.


fifteenminutes has supported the work carried out by the HPSNZ athlete life programme for a number of years through workshops and presentations on a variety of communications topics aimed at helping athletes manage their opportunities and achieve greater success through employment, speaking opportunities, media etc.

The sessions are led by Fiona Fenwick who has supported many of New Zealand National Sporting Organisations, as well as international bodies and their athletes from junior age groups to senior elite levels.

fifteenminutes is committed to helping individuals make the most of their success both within and outside of the sport.

Fiona Fenwick