FAQ for Businesses

Answers to common questions about the Network for interested potential partners.

For Business

As a network partner will we be an official partner or supplier of High Performance Sport New Zealand?

No, the Athlete Friendly Network is a seperate initiative supported by HPSNZ, your connection and associated branding will be with the Athlete Friendly Network.  If you're interested in having a higher level relationship with HPSNZ we can facilitate a discussion with the commercial team.

Will our business be expected to give a discount to become a partner?

While we encourage businesses to consider the potential for offering a discount, first and foremost we value world class expertise and a willingness to proactively work with carded athletes.  If your business can commit to those two principles we'd love to have a discussion about partnering with you.

Can we be an exclusive partner of the Athlete Friendly Network in our market segment or industry?

Probably not, a core principle of the Network is to ensure athletes have the ability to find the right partnership to fit their particular needs.  We also need to ensure that other sponsorships and partnerships of our stakeholders such as NSOs are respected as well.  If exclusivity is something your organisation values, HPSNZ's commercial team would be happy to discuss opportunities.

Can we sponsor individual carded athletes?

Yes, by all means. If by engaging with an athlete through the network you wish to support them further we absolutely encourage that.  The two caveats being that this falls outside the scope of the Athlete Friendly Network and as a general point to check, that the athlete would need to ensure they aren't infringing on any relationships within their sport.

What is a carded athlete?

Put simply carded athletes are the best athletes in the country across the sports that HPSNZ supports.  These are the athletes you see on the podium at World Championships, Commonwealth and Olympic Games.  There are three levels of carding; Level 1 is reserved for top level athletes, while Level 3 athletes tend to be competing internationally at an age group level.  Overall there are about 450 carded athletes at any one time across 16 sports.  See the "about us" section for more details.