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G W Scott & Associates Limited

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When you are an athlete, you need to stay 100% focussed on your sport. You don’t need the distraction of tax and ACC issues and surprises. You also can’t afford to pay huge amounts for advice. We understand this! Over the years, our Cambridge based Chartered Accounting firm has built up considerable expertise in accounting, ACC and taxation for athletes.

Our clients have won medals at Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games as well as the 2011 Rugby World Cup. We have also employed athletes on a part-time basis to help them supplement their income and gain accounting experience. The best advice we can give is to come and see us early. Get yourself set up properly right from the start.

The first meeting is always free so you can get to know us without worrying about how much it’s costing.


Since its formation G W Scott and Associates Limited has been at the forefront of accountancy to provide clients with a broad and relevant service.

We have simultaneously evolved to meet the needs of clients in todays rapidly changing business environment. To that end we have developed a range of services and specialties that few can match embracing Information Technology, Financial and Corporate Services and Business Development to name but a few. 

As an innovative and forward-looking organisation our future plans already embody the expansion of our IT services to incorporate the latest cloud technologies, e-commerce and the continued growth of our specialist activities.