Resources and products

Free or discounted products and services that can have a positive impact on sporting careers are offered through the Athlete Friendly Network.

"With assistance from Athlete Life and the Athlete Friendly Network, 2XU were able to quickly get compression gear to me before heading overseas for competitions."

Phil Burrows, NZ Hockey Player

Accessing products and services through the network

Products and services are available at discounted rates through the network, which can free up resources that can be directed into other areas to impact performance.

Free or contra product

Products are available through the network that can assist athletes to minimise your expenses and maximise your performance gains. Examples include discounts on 2XU and Garmin products

Free or discounted services

Whether you pay to have furniture stored while training and competing overseas, require your bike serviced or are looking to develop a website,  paying less for these services means athletes can prioritise spending into other areas to make performance gains.  Current partners include Speedtheory bike fits in the Waikato and Sportsground, one of NZ's leading sports website providers

Partner directory: explore network options

A searchable database of all businesses and organisations in the network.