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Key Contact
Nick Haig, Consultant
Contact details
(09) 307 7858
Support Areas
CAREER, Career Planning, Internships/Work Experience, Employment Opportunities

The Offer

SchoolConnect is a free online resources available for New Zealand students who are looking to transition from school into either tertiary study or employment. 

Carded athletes can benefit from this by:


SchoolConnect is one of the career platforms offered by the AttractHQ team.  AtractHQ have developed and delivered a number of innovative and highly successful offerings, allowing employers and educational providers to connect with New Zealand youth.  SchoolConnect is a free online resource which helps New Zealand secondary school students make important decisions at a crucial point in their lives. 

SchoolConnect focuses on the key directions a secondary school student has available; study, careers or jobs

SchoolConnect has innovative and exciting features including; discussion forums, career quizzes, scholarship and job listings.