Professional services

The services available as part of the Athlete Friendly Network can help athletes manage their sporting campaigns and life more effectively.


Managing the financial matters that go with the ‘business of sport’ can be confusing but receiving sound advice on taxation and ACC requirements is an important part of sustaining performance.

Banking services

Having a bank manager who understands the environment athletes are in can be invaluable especially when times are tight.  Banks may also offer services such as investment advice to their customers.

Financial advice

Athletes at all levels  may need budgeting advice on managing limited funds while training and competing, while those at the top of their sport may need advice on building savings and deciding on investment mix and choices to sustain their career.

Legal and contract advice

From sponsorship and sport contracts to buying a house or setting up a trust, having the right legal and contract advice can reduce risk, stress and help ensure you understand your obligations and rights.

Partner directory 

Partner directory: explore our searchable database of AFN businesses and organisations.