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Speed Theory

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David Bowden, Owner
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SPEEDTheory is offering carded athletes a session price of $100 a discount of 33% off for bike setups to ensure optimal fit and minimise injury risks*. 

Particularly for sports where cycling is not the main training session but is used for cross training or managing injuries, less attention may be given to ensuring injury risk is reduced.  SPEEDTheory owner David Bowden uses a mix of science (angle measurements, alignment checks) and 11 years’ experience to improve your relationship with the bike.

* Note: This offer is NOT available to Bike NZ or Tri NZ carded athletes without the express permission of the respective sports HPD and/or coach.


Company owner David Bowden is an avid triathlete and cyclist with a Statistics degree and keen interest in any endurance sport. SPEEDTheory is focussed on maximising cycling performance through three main areas – bike fit, equipment selection & training using power data. Dave is also a professional triathlon coach and ironman triathlete in his own right

For sports in which cycling is used for cross training it is easy to ignore the importance of being correctly fitted to the bike to avoid injury.  The primary utility offered by SPEEDTheory is to correctly set the fundamental elements of bike position. For sports that feature cycling the focus turns to hunting out marginal gains.

David Bowden

SPEEDTheory's Dave Bowden in action