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Key Contact
Kendall Irvine, Staffing Manager
Contact details
(09) 360 2699
Support Areas
CAREER, Casual/Part-Time Work

The Offer

SPUR will include carded athletes in their promotional staff database.

The promotional staff at SPUR are one of our key ingredients in creating a positive experience for our clients and their customers.  We are always on the hunt for individuals who have a passion for people and a stand-out attitude in customer service. Work tends to be short term / on call and involves representing our client’s brands at events and brand activations.

Please ensure to identify yourself as an athlete when completing the sign up form at spur.co.nz/work-for-spur/

Contact network lead Nathan Twaddle if you wish to know more about the work SPUR does and the work options available.


SPUR began life as New Zealand Sponsorship Agency (NZSA) in 2001 to return greater value to corporate sponsors via better sponsorship strategy and activation. We quickly became an award winning agency with a stable of blue chip clients.

In June 2014 we changed our name to SPUR Sponsorship and Brand Experience.

We are equal part marketers and event creators.  Our success comes from understanding what our clients need to achieve and matching that insight with an understanding of what and how a live experience can move their customers.