Prime Minister's Athlete Scholarships

The Prime Minister’s Scholarship Programme helps emerging athletes to pursue tertiary study and elite-level sport development at the same time.

The programme helps retain talented athletes in their sports, and also helps transition our athletes into a career pathway. Established in 2000, the programme supports the achievement of tertiary and vocational qualifications while pursuing excellence in sport.

Prime Minister's Athlete Scholarships applications

Applications for the for 2014 Prime Minister's Athlete Scholarships (PMAS) are currently closed. Applications for 2015 will be available to be made through this website from November 1 2014.

Progress reports

If you have studied at any stage during beginning of the year summer school and/or semester 1 you are required to submit a six month progress report (see link below).

Forms and reports

Fees and living allowances


A maximum of up to $10,000 per year (including GST if applicable) is available. Fees will not be paid at International Student rates. Help with fees will not be available to those who receive another fee-paying scholarship, except where the other scholarship does not meet the full cost of the tuition fees.

Living allowances

Provided all athlete requirements are met, recipients will receive a capped amount of up to $2,000 (inclusive of GST if applicable) per six-month period.

In order to receive a living allowance, recipients must be enrolled in equal to, or greater than, 0.4 EFTS in the 12-month period (while studying in both six-month periods) or 0.2EFTS in a six-month period (if studying for one six-month period) in order to receive a living allowance for that period. Courses not specifying EFTS will be evaluated by the High Performance Sport NZ on a case-by-case basis.

Living allowances will be recalled whenever a recipient’s course falls below the minimum EFTS – for example if a recipient withdraws from a paper – unless High Performance Sport NZ agrees otherwise.

Athlete academic requirements

All study must be passed in each six-month period. Late withdrawals, "incomplete", "did not sit" , or "did not complete" and failed papers are not deemed to be passed. A progress report must be completed for each six-month period. The due dates are:

  • 5pm, 1 July for study between 1 January–30 June (may include summer school courses)
  • 5pm, 1 December for study between 1 July–31 December (may include summer school courses).

You can update your six-monthly progress report online.

Attendance at a full Drug Free Sport New Zealand-approved anti-doping seminar is required for first-time Prime Minister's Athlete Scholarship recipients during the first 12 months in which the scholarship is awarded.

If you are unable to attend an approved anti-doping seminar within the appropriate timeframe, for reasons acceptable to High Performance Sport NZ, then you must complete the alternative Drug Free Sport New Zealand requirement.

Recipients are required to adhere to the anti-doping policy of the National Sport Organisation and comply with the World Anti-Doping Code.

Haven't met the requirements?

If you think you have not met the athlete requirements, we advise you to immediately contact your Athlete Life Advisor or the contacts below.

Investment Support Manager

Travis White
Mob: 021 838 560

Prime Minister's Scholarship Coordinator

Angela Senn
Phone 09 477 5420 ext 235