Cross Roads Forum

”I am rather inclined to think personally that it is quite important, the getting down, and the complete climb of a mountain is reaching the summit and getting safely to the bottom again” - Sir Edmund Hillary.


For athletes, much like a climber, getting to the top of the mountain is only half the battle, getting back down safely can be equally as challenging. There are many influences on how athletes decompress and make decisions after a pinnacle event.

As soon as the Games is over most athletes will start to head in a number of different directions.  Broadly these can be summarised as 'definitely continuing', 'definitely retiring' and 'sitting on the fence'.  Regardless of which group they see themselves in they will seek information as they plan their next step. The Crossroads Forum provides a platform to ensure they have good information and conversations to help ensure those steps are in the right direction.


The forum will give athletes an opportunity to explore…

  • The process of transition and insight into life after sport,
  • Why and how to approach another Games campaign,
  • What resources and support is available in either direction.


  • Athletes who were at Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Any athletes carded level 1 in 2016 year
  • Any athlete nominated by their sport or HPSNZ provider with agreement from forum organisers


  • Olympic medallist as key note speaker
  • 2 day session held on the 27th and 28th October
  • Waipuna Lodge, Auckland
  • 30-50 high performance athletes, some coaches and HP sport leaders
  • Combination of external and internal facilitators
  • For dinner event, athletes will be able to invite their partner or a key supporter.


Confirmed dates are 27th/28th October, as falls late in the break window for many Olympic sports before domestic training begins again.