HPSNZ Workshop Series 2017

The Workshop Series is facilitated each year by the HPSNZ Coaching Team to:

  • Inspire and provoke thinking, action and learning,
  • Create opportunities for coaches to learn together, 
  • Encourage participants to share their skills, knowledge and experience.

The primary audience for the workshop series is carded coaches. This means, where capacity is limited, carded coaches have priority for registration.

Carded coaches will have their flights and airport transfers arranged at no cost. (Please note that costs for and arrangement of any changes to booked travel will be the responsibility of the attendee).

Workshops are, where possible, opened up to a selected wider coaching, NSO and support staff audience at the expense of the attendee.

For further information, please use contacts below:

Tristan Collins – Workshop Content & Speakers
P: 027 669 9992
E: tristan.collins@hpsnz.org.nz

Elizabeth Puchailo – General Administration and logistics
P: 09 477 5420
E: Elizabeth.Puchailo@hpsnz.org.nz 

HPSNZ Coach Workshop Series 2017 – Schedule

Workshop 1

Growing Performance

Eddie van Hoof


7 February 2017

Workshop 2

Growing Performance

Eddie van Hoof


8 February 2017

Workshop 3

Growing Performance

Eddie van Hoof


9 February 2017

Workshop 4

Growing Performance

Eddie van Hoof


10 February 2017

Workshop 5

Culture – part 1

Michael Henderson


23 February 2017

HPSNZ Performance Summit*


15 & 16 March 2017

Workshop 6

Perform with Pressure

Dr John Bonning


23 March 2017

Workshop 7

Working with Personalities and Communication Styles

3e Leader:

Brenton Bai

Aiden Holliday


5 & 6 April 2017

Workshop 8

Resilience – part 1



4 May 2017

Workshop 9


Wade Gilbert


28 June 2017

Workshop 10


Wade Gilbert


30 June 2017

Workshop 11


Wade Gilbert


4 July 2017

Workshop 12

Skill Acquisition

Graeme Robson


21 September 2017

Workshop 13

Resilience – part 2

James Kelly


19 October 2017

Workshop 14

Culture – part 2

Michael Henderson


7 December 2017

* The HPSNZ Performance Summit is by invitation only


Workshop Guest Speakers

Eddie van Hoof - ‘Growing Performance’

Eddie’s title is technical director of the GB men’s artistic gymnastics programme, but he is effectively the discipline’s head coach. Under his guidance the programme has gone from underperformance and a total funding cut in 2004, to an Olympic medal in 2008 -  a bronze, to 4 medals in 2012, to 4 medals including a gold in 2016. At the same time, athletes from the programme have won the last 5 European junior championships in the team event. Eddie will share the coaching foundations and building blocks of the programme’s success.


Michael Henderson - ‘Culture’

Michael is a Corporate Anthropologist. He has a degree in Anthropology and over 25 years’ experience in observing advising and educating organisations on how to enhance their culture for greater levels of performance. He holds the view that when human culture is fully engaged it creates a powerful source of energy, creativity, collaboration, empathy, compassion and endeavour. A powerful culture will light the way forward, warm the heart, and put a fire in the belly. He is committed to work with and share his knowledge and insights on human culture with organisations that are fully committed to working effectively, collaboratively and productively with their people with the intent of serving others. Across two workshops, Michael will dispel some myths and misconceptions and share his insights into how to work with culture.


Dr John Bonning - ‘Perform with Pressure’

John Bonning is a Specialist Emergency Physician and is Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Waikato Hospital.  He is Chair of the NZ Faculty of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM).

John is also an expert advisor to the Police, Coroner and Courts on a variety of forensic and medical matters. He has been a doctor for over 20 years and worked throughout New Zealand as well as in Australia and the UK. In his spare time he has provided medical support to a variety of events such as motor racing, mountain biking world championships and rugby matches, including at the Rugby World Cup.

He will share his experiences on what it means to perform with pressure when the stakes are highest.


3e Leader – Brenton Bai and Aiden Holliday - ‘Working with Personalities’

Using their extensive cross-sector experience, Brenton and Aiden have designed a 2-day workshop to help coaches with the core business of working with others. The workshop will help coaches:

  • Identify 12 behaviours we call “The Dirty Dozen”, and how to deal successfully with each of them.
  • Work with the unique communication styles of those around you.
  • Know the strategies people use to communicate when under stress.
  • Understand the Primary Drivers of difficult people.
  • Use a simple formula that enables you to unlock that difficult person.
  • Better understand the “communication demographic” of your team.
  • Gain a visual overview of the continua on which we all sit.


Wade Gilbert - ‘Reflection’

Dr. Wade Gilbert is an award-winning professor from the Department of Kinesiology at California State University. He is regularly invited to serve as a featured speaker at national and international events and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for the International Sports Coaching Journal. He is a strong believer in reflection as a driver for coach performance and learning and presents a workshop to highlight its power as a coaching tool.


Graeme Robson - ‘Skill Acquisition’

A New Zealand representative in badminton at 3 Commonwealth Games and a former national coach, Graeme is a well-known member of the New Zealand coaching community. Over the course of his career, Graeme has worked as a sport scientist, a coach advisor, and a performance planner. The workshop Graeme will facilitate focuses on his great passion and interest in skill acquisition – the nuts and bolts of how to be effective and efficient in the critical area of developing athlete performance.


James Kelly - ‘Resilience’

James has recently completed 15 years of service with the Australian Defence Force where he was an Electrical Engineer on submarines and an Infantry Officer with the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). During his time with the SASR James gained extensive operational experience and was responsible for the selection and training of soldiers for service in this elite unit. This included psychological profiling, mental and physical screening, mentoring and performance management. He has designed a practical, hands-on opportunity for coaches to gain insight into developing resilience in themselves and in the atheltes they work with.