High Performance Investments 2012

Targeted sport 2012 high performance investments

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Sport Pre-existing 2012 Investment New 2012 Investment New 2013 Investment
Cricket   $700,000  
Netball   $500,000*  
Rugby (Sevens)   $800,000 $1.75m
Athletics $1.8m    
Bike $4.085m $200,000  
Rowing $4.32m $500,000  
Sailing $2.5m $100,000  
Swimming $1.65m    
Triathlon $1.585m    
Total $15.94m $2.8m $1.75m

*NB: The investment in netball is a rollover to 30 June 2012. Netball NZ will present to High Performance Sport NZ once its high performance plan has been developed.

Existing investment in cricket, netball and rugby was until the end of 2011, as this was the end of the pinnacle event cycle for these sports.

Contestable sport 2012 high performance investment recommendations

Sport Pre-existing 2012 Investment New 2012 Investment
Winter Performance Programme $1.5m  
Equestrian (eventing) $1m $250,000
Equestrian (dressage)   $40,000
Paralympics $1.5m  
Canoe Racing $1m  
Hockey (women) $900,000 $300,000
Hockey (men) $800,000 $300,000
Golf $300,000  
Squash $300,000  
Bowls $350,000  
Basketball (men)   $350,000
Basketball (women)   $150,000
Rugby League $250,000  
Football (women) $290,000 $125,000
Beach Volleyball (men)   $55,000
Taekwondo   $55,000
Boxing (women) $75,000  
Boxing (men)   $25,000
Roller Sports   $25,000
Weightlifting   $20,000
Shooting   $40,000
Softball (men) $200,000  
Surf life saving $200,000  
Canoe Fed (slalom)   $55,000
Canoe Fed (extreme)   $10,000
Total $8.665m $1.8m

NB: Some sports didn’t apply for additional 2012 investment.


  • High Performance Sport NZ invests in nine targeted sports and there is also a contestable round where other sports can apply for investment in particular projects. The targeted sports are the six Olympics disciplines of athletics, bike, rowing, swimming, triathlon and yachting, along with rugby, cricket and netball.
  • In addition to high performance programme investment, athletes may receive other funding support such as Performance Enhancement Grants, Prime Minister’s Scholarships, and receive performance services from High Performance Sport NZ such as strength and conditioning training, physiotherapy, massage and nutrition advice.