Innovation and the Goldmine programme

We define innovation as something that "solves a measurable performance issue with a new approach or product which will result in sustainable change for a sport, athlete or high performance sport system".


One of our seven key strategic priorities is "Leading an integrated and robust innovation, research and technology programme to drive increased performance."

We achieve this by managing a number of innovation development projects, internally via our Goldmine team and other HPSNZ staff, and externally via a network of universities and private enterprises.

These projects aim to increase the performance of HPSNZ targeted sports, with a focus on greater medal prospects for New Zealand in 2020. 

Each year we hold two innovation project application rounds, from which sport-centred innovation projects are selected.

Innovation project funding criteria

We used five governing principles for project investment prioritisation to develop the project selection criteria.

  • Each project must be for a HPSNZ "targeted" tier 1, 2 or 3 funded sport, or for Winter Sport or Paralympics.
  • Each project must have an explicit link to medals.
  • Each project must be endorsed by the high performance director of the associated national sport organisation (NSO).
  • Each project must have a measurable impact on performance.
  • Each project must identify an implementation and utilisation "champion" within the relevant NSO.

Project funding round dates 2017
• 10 February, 2017: First intake applications open
• 10 March, 2017: First intake applications close
• 10-28 March, 2017: First intake project evaluation phase
• 13 April, 2017: First intake projects initiated
• 25 August, 2017: Second intake applications open
• 30 September, 2017: Second intake applications close
• 3 October - 31 October, 2017: Second intake project evaluation phase
• 9 November, 2017: Second intake projects initiated

More information

Contact HPSNZ Innovation Manager Stafford Murray at 

2017 Application Forms and Guidance Notes are available here: