Prime Minister's Scholarships

Prime Minister's Scholarships support athletes, coaches, support team members and officials to gain educational or professional qualifications while continuing in sport.


Prime Ministers' Athlete Scholarship information, support levels, applications, and meeting reporting requirements. The closing dates for athlete scholarship applications are November 30 (intake 1) and April 30 (intake 2 - funding dependant). 


Prime Minister's Coach Scholarships help high performance coaches with professional development. The closing dates for coach scholarship applications are November 30 (intake 1) and April 30 (intake 2).


Prime Minister’s Officials’ Scholarships help officials gain the skills to officiate at pinnacle events. The closing date for officials scholarship applications is November 30, due to the officials scholarship programme being often oversubscribed there is only one intake per year.

Support teams

Scholarships are available to support team members so they can develop skills that add to New Zealand's performance at the elite level. The closing dates for support team scholarship applications are March 31 (intake 1) and October 31 (intake 2).