Prime Minister's Coach Scholarships help fund the professional development of high performance coaches.

Applications for the next intake of Prime Ministers Coaching Scholarships close at 5pm on November 31st. Click here to get access to the application portalFor enquiries regarding Coaching scholarships please contact your HPSNZ HP Coach Consultant or email

The purpose of the Coach Scholarships programme is to invest in education opportunities to enable world leading performance from New Zealand’s top athletic talent, by prioritising resources for increasing expertise that will directly impact athlete performance and enable the sustainability of our coaching talent pool.

Examples of activities supported by the programme include: multi-sport or cross-sport coach and leader development initiatives, accreditation requirements, business coaching, mentoring, training, internships, conferences, study visits, observations at key sporting events, discussions on ‘best’ practice, on-the-job shadowing, participation in peer network activities, participation in international committees or working groups, peer review of professional work, travel, accommodation, incidentals and in some cases limited reimbursement for lost income.

Scholarships do not support sport coaching, service delivery, membership fees for professional bodies or industry groups, or the purchase of any equipment associated with the applicant’s vocation, job role or as a requirement for the project.


The applicant must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Be either a coach working with high performance athletes, or working directly in a high performance environment.
  • Be endorsed by their NSO and/or HPSNZ leading up to and during the scholarship.
  • Where applicable, be endorsed by the applicant’s High Performance Coach Consultant and/or Performance Consultant.
  • Be acknowledged in a NSO’s High Performance plan, Coach plan or be identified by their NSO or HPSNZ as an emerging talent who will impact high performance sport within the next 5 years.
  • For individual applications, have an up-to-date Professional Development plan.
  • For group applications, have an up-to-date Group Development plan or strategy.
  • Have demonstrated commitment to their NSO’s education and development pathways (if available).
  • Submit a complete application including required endorsements and supporting information.
  • Have no outstanding scholarship requirements.


The scholarship application closing date each year is 5pm, 30 November.  Early applications are appreciated but will not be considered until after the closing date. To apply you must submit a complete online application.

If you are intending on applying for a scholarship it is best to complete a draft application prior to submitting the online application. All scholarship related documents can be found under the forms section below.

Please note the demand for scholarships typically exceeds the financial resources available so it is unlikely that all applicants will receive a scholarship. 

Applications are assessed and prioritised by a High Performance Sport NZ panel, comprised of people with skills in high performance programme management, scholarship management and performance services.


Programme Guide (PDF) for Coaches

Draft application form (Word)

Final reports are due within four weeks of completing a scholarship. Please contact your NSO before submitting a report. See link here for the draft report form to begin the collation of your report detail. Once completed please send the form and all financial information through to


If you need to make changes to an existing scholarship, please contact Travis White at the above email address or on 021 838 560.