Supplement Advisory Alert

Shotz Cappuccino Energy Gel

Recent third-party supplement testing in Australia revealed that Shotz Cappuccino Energy Gel was found to contain Phenylethylamine, a stimulant (S6) that is banned in competition. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is not listed as an ingredient on the label of these gels. Others flavours of Shotz Energy Gel were not found to contain any undeclared ingredients.

PEA is a naturally occurring substance found in some foods, including cocoa. PEA clears the body within a day of being consumed, after which the athlete would not be at risk of failing a doping test. However, the advice received from the testing lab was for athletes to avoid using caffeinated Cappuccino Energy Shotz gels in competition.

Athletes who choose to use supplements are reminded that supplement product labels can often be misleading and do not always reveal the true content or purity of the product. Choosing third party tested products from programmes such as Informed Sport ( reduce the chances of inadvertently consuming a prohibited substance.

Athletes are reminded about the importance of training and competing in the spirit of sport.

For more information contact Jeni Pearce (HPSNZ Performance Nutrition) or Bruce Hamilton (Lead HPSNZ Medical Director).